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Tue 13th Oct 2015 - 1:07am : Gaming

Written By: Allan "Revo" Dikeman


eVasive Action Halo Roster


Halo 5 is less than two weeks away from Breakiung Out into Ground Pounding madness! The game releases on October 27th and Halo seams to be very dedicated to the eSports arena. One form of such evidence is the organic $1,000,000 (crowed funded) prize pool. Teams are steadily coming together to particpate in the Seaon 3 of the Halo Championship Series [HCS]. eVasive Action has decided to step into the arena with their very own Halo Sqaud!


They are a very talented team dedicated to improve as they take the journey into HCS Season 3. Currently our team is competing in the ESL Online #Go4Halo [ ] tournament every Sunday. To keep up on all that is eVasive Action Halo follow the guys through their links below!


VoRTeX (Captain)

Twitter: @VoRTeX_eV

Twitch: VoRTeXv7

YouTube: iVoRTeX v7



Twitter: @Juicy_eV

Twitch: JuicyParrot

YouTube: iVoRTeX v7



Twitter: @Milkshake_eV

Twitch: MilkshakeFPS

YouTube: Coming Soon!



Twitter: @Takedown_eV

Twitch: T2theakedown

YouTube: Coming Soon?


Revo (Coach)

Twitter: @Takedown_eV

Twitch: Revo124

YouTube: aedikeman



Zach Forrest

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