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Zach Forrest


Hey guys it Forrest. I founded this organization around March of 2015. I didnt know where it would take me but I am to say its going on the right path. Im doing what I love and surrounded by great staff members. I can really say its an #eVFamily. I started to play GameCube at a very young age. Im sure I knew what I was doing but now that I am older I have no clue if I was even playing the game right! I then ventured into the Xbox Original. There I started playing sport games like NBA 2k and NHL. I started into Call of Duty first on the PLaystation 2 playing games like The Big Red One and The Finest Hour and also Cod3. However, when COD4 game out, that was the ground breaker. I can honestly say that was when I started to fall in love with Call of Duty. From there I started to watch gameplay and great commentaters, my favorite being Hutch, Seananers, Tejb and OnlyUseMeBlade. I wached so much Machinima as boy and I miss how it used to be. Then came MW2 and little clan called Faze started popping up on the youtube feed. Who knew such a small young clan would turn out to take over the world. I can go on and on about COD but I wont do that :).  I started my competitive career if I may say when Black Ops 2 came out. Ha well, other than COD I like to play all kinds of games whether it is FPS, Sports racing or even free roam on GTA. Whenever you want to play just let me know :). I work as a life guard at a water park and I also play baseball and hockey. Living the teenage dream.

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