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Jax Michaelis


Hey Guys, My name is Jax "Gizmo" Michaelis. I am currently the Captain of eVasive Action.CSGO. I have been competing in online eSports for around 7 years now and competing in Counter Strike for about 4. I started playing Call of Duty back in 2007 in Call of Duty 3 and I competed untill Call of Duty Ghosts in 2014 and then I completely shifted to CSGO. I play IGL (In Game Leader) and Entry-Fragger in CS this means I am first in and I open up the bomb site for my team and I make in game calls. My biggest motivators for my eSports career has been OpTic Sumper and Fifflaren. I am a huge music fan and my dreams are after competing in eSports is to go forward with my Music Career. Thanks for reading please check out my twitter! #eVFam