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Nate Concepcion

  • 21st April 1996


About Me: My name is Nate "Slipz" Concepcion. Im 19 and player for Evasive Action's Smite Xbox team. I've had a few runs on Smite pc but started my competitive career back in Halo 2 (2007). From there I've played competitve in several other titles such as Quake, Unreal Tournamet, and ShadowRun along with CoD now on to Smite on the Xbox. My Goal(s): Being the experienced player I am I want to better my chances, as well as my teams chances, of winning and being more successful within Smite as well as any game we wish to take part in. To be the best I can when I can. And try my hardest to get to where i want to be. Lastly I wanna thank Evasive Action for taking us in to reprisent their Smite Xbox team and giving us a place to call home.