Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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  • Gizmo

    Jax Michaelis

    Hey Guys, My name is Jax "Gizmo" Michaelis. I am currently the Captain of eVasive Action.CSGO. I have been competing in online eSports for around 7 years now and competing in Counter Strike for about 4. I started playing Call of Duty back in 2007 in Call of Duty 3 and I competed untill Call of Duty Ghosts in 2014 and then I completely shifted to CSGO. I play IGL (In Game Leader) and Entry-Fragger in CS this means I am first in and I open up the bomb site for my team and I make in game calls. My biggest motivators for my eSports career has been OpTic Sumper and Fifflaren. I am a huge music fan and my dreams are after competing in eSports is to go forward with my Music Career. Thanks for reading please check out my twitter! #eVFam ...Read More

  • SoulX_eV

    Aiden Ingalls

    Hey guys my name is Aiden Ingalls. I am new to the compitive seen and I am really exicted to be in it! I am the AWP"er for our CS:GO team.I am 15 years of age and I love playing vidoe games and Im really exicted to be part of the eVfam! !  ...Read More

  • ETG

    Elijah Skaggs

    Hey, My name is Elijah and i'm new to the competitive CSGO scene. You may want to know what ETG stands for and that is Elijah The Great. Now you may want to know why I choose that name and thats because im extramly humble, but in reality someone said that I was great at cross country in like 3rd grade so thats stuck because im to lazy to actually come up with a creative name. Another thing about me is I love sports of all kind and I am semi competitive but over all I enjoy having fun. The role I play in CSGO is Lurker, I hope I can prove helpful to the team and entertain you guys with my P90 in one hand and my silver strats in the other. Proud to be part of the fam #eVFam...Read More

  • Voiid

    Jacob Perek

    Hi my name is Jacob "Voiid" Perek. I currently play as the Support and secondary Entry. I am new to the CSGO scene. This is my first team, but I am very determined to win and am very competative....Read More