• Takedown

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  • VoRTeX

    I first started playing competitive halo in febuary of 2015. I won the 1st 3 tourneys i played in and got top 20 in HCS Season 1. Halo 5 will be my first full competitive game and i plan on going to lans and placing well. Ive learned alot since i first started playing and i will continue to get better and better going into halo 5....Read More

  • JuicyParrot

    Chris Vasapolli

    I am a competitive Halo player that has played since H2. I have experience in all the Halos. I started playing competitive Halo towards the end of Halo Reach. Ever since I have played competitively I have loved it. My Halo career took of in Halo 2 Anniversary. That is when I started getting high placing. Now I'm hoping to get even higher placings in Halo 5 Guardians....Read More

  • Revo

    Allan Dikeman

    Hey, I am the Coach for eVasive Action's Halo team. I have enjoyed Halo since the very first time I played Halo 2 at a freinds house. My passion for the eSports scene came when Halo 3 was released. Since then I have been a big fan watching all the tourenments. Back in Novmember 2014 I got the desire to help out since the Halo comptetive scene was struggling. I began writing articles for Halo Follower and then for Noble eSports. A coaching opportunity came up for me at the PGL Indy tournement so I decided to help. I really enjoyed helping out so I have decided to enter into the pit with the players for Halo 5. From a more personal standpoint, I have been Married for 8 years and have two kidos. At my current job I am a Senior Test Technition opperating R&D test on large engines (1600 - 4500 Hourse Power) for differnet companies. Since Grade School I have been a die hard Cowboys fan. Some of my other hobbies include camping, hunting (Deer mostly) and gaming (obvisosly). I am trying to become a better YouTuber to provide the best Halo content possible....Read More