Smite Team

Smite Team
  • Elusion_eV

    Javier Nolasco

    My name is Javier. Im 15 years old. Born in California. Started playing competitevly during Bo2. I am currently the Solo laner for eVasive Action.SMITE.Very proud to be under such a caring organization.Great things to come, #eVFam  ...Read More

  • Scubah

    Dimetri Turnbull

    Hi im Scubah or Dimetri im 20 and i play support for smite eVasiveAction i started playing competitive in Call of duty Black Ops 2 and love competitive ever since. i started playing smite during the closed beta on xbox and knew i wanted 2 play it competitively even though  im pretty new to smite i have learned a lot and and have gotten pretty good at the game i can't wait to grow with eV as a person and with my team im going to give it all i got....Read More

  • Slipz

    Nate Concepcion

    About Me: My name is Nate "Slipz" Concepcion. Im 19 and player for Evasive Action's Smite Xbox team. I've had a few runs on Smite pc but started my competitive career back in Halo 2 (2007). From there I've played competitve in several other titles such as Quake, Unreal Tournamet, and ShadowRun along with CoD now on to Smite on the Xbox. My Goal(s): Being the experienced player I am I want to better my chances, as well as my teams chances, of winning and being more successful within Smite as well as any game we wish to take part in. To be the best I can when I can. And try my hardest to get to where i want to be. Lastly I wanna thank Evasive Action for taking us in to reprisent their Smite Xbox team and giving us a place to call home....Read More

  • Shrimp_eV

    Brian Rodriguez

    Hi my name is Brian Rodriguez. Born and raised in southern Texas. I was always very fond of video games and became an active Call of Duty player at about the age of 11. I continued to play until just very recently. During the year of Advanced Warfare, I came upon Smite, a MOBA, I was a little hesitant because I never had experience in that field of games, but my friends convinced me into giving it a try. I fell in love with it. Me and my friends played constantly and formed a strong team bond, and I now currently team with three of my friends under Evasive Action. I'm really happy to be under the care of this beautiful group, and I hope to continue into the future and make a strong impact on the gaming society. #eVFam...Read More